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For those of you that know me, have worked with me, or heard me deliver a presentation – EVER – you know I’m big on accountability. I believe that each of us needs to be held accountable to ourselves, our families, our employers, our employees, basically our communities. Now, in this time of turmoil, it’s an ideal opportunity to live up to this expectation.

I’m choosing to hold myself accountable to:

  1. Keeping a positive attitude

  2. Making a positive difference in the lives of those in my world

  3. Continuing to show up and work hard every day.

Keeping a positive attitude: I was in a store earlier this week and I could not believe the negativity that was oozing out of everyone. The negativity is all around us – social media – news – chatting with others. As I walked down the aisle I smiled at someone and their response was “what are you laughing at – I need this toilet paper”. Wow. Remember the “treat others as you would like to be treated” attitude. Where has that gone? I’m committed to finding something healthy to laugh about when there are all these tragic stories around me.

Making a positive difference to the lives of those in my world: During a conversation with someone I have a huge amount of respect for, he told me how he had spent Saturday checking in with his clients. He lives in southern Alberta and they were having a snowy, blizzardy day. I heard through his story – the difference he made to those he talked with – even just by hearing their story in that moment. I’m committed to holding myself accountable to make at least one call a day to someone that I want to laugh with.

Continuing to show up and work hard every day: I’m an entrepreneur. I have to show up and be committed to my business, my clients, my business network. Working from home takes special intentions in order to maneuver through the distractions in your environment. If you’ve been asked to work from home take advantage of the opportunity that affords you. Time typically taken for commuting can be used to read, standing in line at the coffee shop can be replaced with talking with family members, the sky’s the limit. I invite you to push yourself to not only be committed to the expectations of your employer but also satisfying the need for other priorities in your life. I’m committed to showing up and being the absolute best version of myself daily.

Knowing that the most challenging times can also be the seed for unprecedented growth and transformation, I invite you to take a moment to determine what you can hold yourself accountable to.

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