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Harvest Season

It’s hard to believe that we have enjoyed the September Long Weekend, and thoughts of fall start begin. Fall is a gorgeous time in Alberta. Watching the crops grow throughout the spring and summer – it’s now time for farmers to reap the rewards of their labour. Granted, there have been weather challenges throughout the growing season, with some areas being hit with drought, hail, and flooding. However, when I think of the harvest season I think of the smell of the hay being cut, the dust coming up from the combines, and the lights on the grain bins while the trucks are being emptied. I’m looking forward to the opportunity (in the not to distant future) to join members of my family as they work in the fields.

Harvest is the time of year to gather crops from the field. Looking at this time of year through a slightly different lens (because I always do) I wonder what crops you are ready to gather from your field. What have you influenced to grow over the past season – whatever that time frame looks like for you. Have you volunteered and you get to see the benefit of all those hours you’ve donated? Have you mentored someone and you are seeing their growth and development? What “seeds” have you sown that will allow others to grow.

I invite you to not only reflect on these questions – but celebrate the difference you are making.

Enjoy this time of harvest.

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