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Two people discussing

Value of a Coach

What do you want

to accomplish?

What is keeping you from achieving your goals?

Why should YOU consider connecting with a professional coach?

Business Meeting

A partnership with a professional coach provides support in living your goals and becoming the best version of yourself through personal and professional growth.

I recognize that there must be chemistry between client and coach so that there can be the greatest potential for forward movement. My style of coaching is based on the following principles.

Strike a balance between supporting and challenging you

Help create feedback loops with colleagues

Assist in clarifying your true strengths, values and purpose

Provide structure in the development process

Broaden your perspectives

Teach concepts and skills

Maintain confidentiality

Influence how others view you

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Top Session Topics

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Levels of Responsibility


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The coaching journey entails a lot of hard work, on behalf of both client and coach. I support you with this through meaningful conversations, holding you accountable for the action steps you commit to, and providing a judgment free environment in which to express your goals and work towards positive and productive outcomes.


Let’s meet for a 30 minute complimentary conversation to determine if my coaching style is a fit for what you are looking to achieve. 

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