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Celebrating the Courage

At a recent event I attended a quote was shared that absolutely resonated with me.

Three ambassadors from the Special Olympics presented – one of whom shared the Oath for Special Olympic Athletes.

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”.

Throughout my many coaching conversations with clients the word courage continues to show up. They want to have courage to do – fill in the blank – within their organizations, departments or teams. After hearing this oath, I started to wonder if the courage is needed just for the win? Or is the courage actually showing up in the simple action of initiating change?

Frequently the goals we hold ourselves accountable to are a measurement of something. We are going to make x number of sales, hire x number of new team members, etc. Perhaps we need to start celebrating not just the wins – but rather the actions taken to reach the win.

As leaders within your business and communities are you prepared to celebrate the bravery taken in your attempt to win? Rather then getting bogged down when the win doesn’t happen, or perhaps the win happens but you are so focused on the next achievement you don’t take the time to celebrate the journey.

If you don’t win today – how can you celebrate your own bravery in the attempt?

Check out Alberta Special Olympics to learn more about this amazing organization!

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