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My Coaching Message

Working through the requirements for CCEU credits to renew my ICF Coaching Accreditation, I stopped to reflect on why I’m so enthralled with the world of coaching. I looked back at why I entered the coaching arena, why I embarked on my own coaching practice, why I’m committed to continuing to share the coaching message. Here is what I came up with.

I embarked on the world of coaching because I wanted to stand out. Distinguish my contribution to the organization I worked with and elevate the overall experience of the team that I was a part of. I had no idea that learning the coach approach could be so impactful.

After trying to change the language to coaching conversations within Corporate Canada I decided to step out on my own. Hang the shingle so to speak and work towards making a difference in the community I serve.

Here’s what I love about coaching.

  • It can change the world one conversation at a time. I believe that every client I serve is making the best choice, they have positive intentions, and they have the resources they need. Change through coaching is inevitable.

  • It can support the success of implementing corporate initiatives. Coaching is a powerful and effective method that helps leaders and managers arrive at their own solutions instead of being told the steps they should take.

  • A coaching approach to inclusive leadership development frames the conversation differently than traditional training, because it is empowering and leader-focused. Leaders set their own individual goals around initiatives and learn to build capacity instead of dependency when it comes to identifying their own solutions to common workplace challenges. The awareness and desire to change is a powerful “aha” moment that occurs as the result of a coach’s active listing and probing questions.

  • The unique nature of coaching can elevate employees, who often experience a different set of challenges as they try to figure out the implementation factor of the initiatives.

  • The challenge is if employees are faced with gaps while attempting implementation and they don’t feel support they are at risk for becoming disengaged – or even deciding to leave the organization.

So, what is the next step for me? Continuing to share the messaging around the power of coaching. Continuing to offer Coaches Corner to support individuals who have questions around coaching to come into a safe environment without committing to a long-term coaching program. Follow FSC Group on linked in to be notified of the upcoming virtual Coaches Corner dates, I would love to see you there and help you discover how the world of coaching can impact you, your organization, and your future!

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