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Finding The Good Around Us

Interesting times continue – as the pandemic forces social distancing, self isolation and quarantine existing in our “new normal”. As we approach the end of April, 2020 it feels like we are no closer to having a clear understanding of when these measures may be relaxed. Frightful to hear that major events are being postponed or cancelled in the upcoming months, perhaps it’s those decisions that are causing me to be more mindful of what is the good going on around me.

Good #1 – Although my hubby has been home for an extended period of time, and we are both challenged with a significantly lower monthly cash inflow, we have been having a great time together. Learning to take on projects together around our home has been meaningful and productive. (and our garage has never been this tidy)

Good #2 – A neighbor continues to update her garage with “happy” signs. Messages ranging from “Happy Spring” to “Smile” to “Masks – Free, please take one”. What an honor it is to live in the proximity of someone with such a happy presence.

Good #3 - It seems like a great number within our community are choosing to see their cup half full. When I venture out on my evening walks there are so many community members that wave, smile or shout hello. Messages of support from those that historically were too busy with their own world to notice anyone else.

What, through this time of pandemic have you noticed to be good in your environment? I invite you to take the time to find the good that is going on around you.

Now, more than ever, there is a need to focus on the future. That’s what coaching is – forward focused. Take this opportunity to book a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute coaching session. Allow this powerful conversation to support you in leading yourself and others through this challenging time.

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